Corporate Responsibility


We are Propósito Vrio, Vrio Corp.'s comprehensive corporate social responsibility and sustainability program for its companies DIRECTV Latin America, SKY and DGO.

We invest in technology and exclusive content in order to bring customers the best entertainment experience through our programs, addressing the specific characteristics of each territory in the region with a commitment to contribute to the sustainable development of their communities, while respecting local idiosyncrasies.

Our purpose is to preserve each country's culture, strengthen diversity in the region and boost the economy, with a commitment to local investment to achieve positive change in the communities.

Within our integral sustainability program we have ESCUELA PLUS (*) in Hispanic America and ESCOLA PLUS in Brazil: the educational project that contributes to shorten the technological gap, connecting rural schools through satellite television, bringing audiovisual content, didactic materials oriented to the development of students' skills and training proposals for teachers in the Latin American region.

In addition to these programs with a strong social commitment in the areas of education, sports and the environment, we also integrate volunteer projects in each country and the "The Forum" initiative, focused on disseminating and amplifying the work of social organizations on our screens.

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The program celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2017 and services over 9,300 schools, impacting 2.3 million students in 9 countries.

We use the latest technology available to DIRECTV as well as the educational content of our partners, Discovery en la Escuela, Torneos, National Geographic, Take Off Media y Disney, to enrich the education experience of primary and secondary school students.

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Piedra Papel Tijera


  • More than 12,800 DIRECTV volunteers in 13 countries have completed close to 240 voluntary missions.
  • Our employees work to rebuild, refurbish, and beautify schools, orphanages, senior centers, community-sports locations, and family homes across the region.
  • Since the program was created in 2009, it has earned DIRECTV – and our employees – regional recognition as one of the leading companies in corporate volunteerism.

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the Forum


Positive content can be an important agent for change. Recognizing the power of delivering relevant content that could serve for the benefit of our communities as a whole, is why we provide TV airtime to NGOs and foundations at no cost. More than 110 NGO’s, Agencies and Foundations have benefited from the program.

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Energy consumption and waste are key drivers of environmental concerns, so we are doing our part to reduce the environmental impact of our operations in the region.

  • We are the first company in our industry to measure carbon footprint and reduce it by more than 29% with the energy consumption of set-top boxes.
  • All of our set-top boxes are Energy Star certified under the Environmental Protection Agency program and the top-selling equipment in the region consumes 30% less electricity than the previous generation technology.
  • Our Multi-room Viewing technology also helps reduce the energy consumption by centralizing all the DVR functions in one piece of equipment, lowering the energy requirements of the other units located in the home.
  • To date, through our continuous environmental education and awareness efforts, we have been able to convert approximately 60% of our subscribers in Latin America to e-billing, greatly reducing the use of paper in our operations.

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DirectTV-Cinema | FACUINI festival

Education/Film Industry

We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and educational platforms benefiting, inspiring and promoting the new generation of film students in the region.

FACIUNI Becas Short Film Scholarship contest has become the largest and most competitive of its kind in the region, having already collected over 1,600 short films and awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars of local and international scholarship funds.

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FACIUNI (Festival Académico de Cine Universitario Internacional) is the annual film festival event showcasing DIRECTV CINEMA+ finalists’ work, Master Classes from the most renowned Latin American Directors and Producers in the industry, and content from the UNAOC Plural+ Festival.